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Universal Water Finding Paste


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Universal Water Finding Paste Detects the Presence
of Water and Water/ Alcohols- Additives

  • Water/alcohol indicating paste shows the presence of water bottoms in fuel storage tanks.

  • Green paste is available in 1.76oz/50g tubes.

  • Green paste turns bright Red on contact with water.

  • Adopted for use in determining the water level in the bottom of TURBINE FUEL storage and transportation tanks

Universal Water Finder (UWF) Paste is designed to detect the presence, and particularly the level of the aqueous phase in tanks containing GASOLINEGASOLINE/ALCOHOL (ETHANOL) BLENDS, JET FUEL, DIESEL FUEL, RESIDUAL FUEL, CRUDE OIL and OTHER organic liquids.

More particularly, UWF Paste is a visual indicating paste capable of undergoing a change in color upon contact with aqueous phase, which may be present in minor amounts in hydrocarbon storage tanks, in delivery tanks, distribution systems, and other systems for the same purpose.

Additionally, UWF Paste is particularly designed for the use in determining the water level in the bottom of TURBINE FUEL storage and transportation tanks even when the water contains Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII) mixed with Turbine Aviation Fuel.

Universal Water Finding Paste
Detects the Presence of Water and Water/Alcohols-Additives

Universal Water Finding Paste works with:

  1. Gasoline

  2. Gasoline/Alcohol Blends

  3. Jet Fuel

  4. Diesel Fuel

  5. Residual Fuel

  6. Crude Oil

  7. Other Materials

Four Easy Steps:
- No need to mix
- No Guessing-complete color change
- Fast reaction - about 10 seconds
- Fast and easy cleanup

Less Time Wasted – about 10 seconds

Patent No.: US 6,376,250 B1

The excess of water levels is a costly contamination problem in storage tanks containing Gasoline, Gasoline/Alcohol blends, Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Solvents and other materials

1.Spread a thin film of Green Paste on gauge stick over
a few inches

3. Green paste turns bright RED when it comes in contact with water

2. Insert the gauge stick into the tank for about ten seconds

4. When the gauge stick is removed from the tank, simply note how much of the Green paste has turned RED
to determine the water level